Welcome to the virtual home of composer, songwriter, and photographer Rick McAlister.  I'm currently working on my fourth studio album and a host of other projects.  Check out samples of my work on the music pages.  Everything here is free for your enjoyment and sharing!

What's Happening

Two New Songs Added

I recently completed two new tracks for my upcoming album.  Check out White Picket Fence and Time Keeps on the Vocal Songs page!

PIctures from Warsaw, NY

Warsaw Falls is one of the better kept secrets in western NY.  Check out my pictures from this gorgeous creek on the photography page!


I recently visited Akron Falls and Glen Falls in western NY.  Glen Falls is in the middle of a small town outside of Buffalo, but it is a beautiful spot!  Check out the pictures on my photography page.  

More Photographs!

I just uploaded some pictures from Fillmore Glen State Park near Moravia, NY.  Gotta love a waterfall named "Cow Sheds Falls"!

New Jazz Piece

Check out the Instrumentals page for a new jazz work: He'll Never Make Any Money Doing That.  The title is a quote from my mom's aunt when she found out my major in college.  :-)


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